Personal counselling

Personal counselling is provided in three different formats:

  1. Coaching is a relatively short and dynamic process. The work is done at the cognitive level. The objective is to find satisfying solutions to very specific problems in private life, career or business.
  2. Therapy is generally a longer process. Therapy is normally suggested in case of enduring symptoms (e.g. long-lasting conflicts within the family, an unsatisfying relationship, recurrent problems at the workplace) when the underlying problems are not apparent, but are likely to be carried by the entire personality. In therapy, various direct and indirect methods can be applied to reveal the hidden factors that cause the symptoms – progressing in the client’s own pace.
  3. Groupwork initiation is needed to prepare the candidate for joining a group. In a group, the participants may experience not only good but also not-so-good times. In order to ensure that the group will have a positive effect on the participants, proper initiation and careful selection of the members is indispensible.