Lena Ildikó VINCZE N. works with groups within the 'Group Analytic' framework. In an Analytic Group, the small group is a model of our family. The development of our personality is deeply intertwined with the good or bad components within our entire family. This so-called 'foundation matrix' is revived in the group, making its components accessible for the participant. The experience enables us to distinguish between the issues, problems and feelings that belong genuinely to us, and those that we ‘inherited’ from our family.

The Analytic Group comprises up to 10 participants and a leader, who are seated forming a circle. The group has no systematic agenda as such: it is 'free-floating' and it opens slowly to new members (‘slow-open’). Its approach is 'group analysis'.

Before entering a group, careful preparation ('groupwork initiation') is needed.

There are weekly English-speaking groups running. Applications are on-going.